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Spotting a genuine Aberystwyth taxi

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

In this article we will show you how to spot a real taxi that operates in Ceredigion and how to avoid dangerous fake taxi drivers.

Hello and welcome to my first educational post regarding customer safety.

Not only is it highly illegal to pose as a taxi driver and pick up passengers for reward but it is incredibly dangerous, they operate without the correct insurance & licences, without extensive background checks & their vehicles could be unfit for purpose.

Not all people in this world are above board & honest, some look to commit horrendous acts of crime such as physical violence, sexual assault, theft, kidnapping & abduction.

Criminals often trick their victims by posing as official bodies to gain access to a property or to make the target enter an unsafe environment. Often for criminals posing as taxi drivers, intoxicated women are often their target.

Below is a list of items that you can use to ensure yourself you're getting into a real taxi.

  1. All dual hackney taxis (private and public hire) are white in colour

  2. if the vehicle is a standard taxi or MPV, it will be no older that 10 years of age

  3. Taxis must display the word "Taxi" in their roof light ( this can be part of a brand name or just the individual word, some may put the word "Cabs" instead.

  4. If you look closely at a roof box / light, a faint red strip is visible on the inside rear of it.

  5. Looking at the side of a taxi, you will see a blue half moon shape sticker that has the Ceredigion County Council crest and text.

  6. At the rear of the taxi or cab, you will spot a rectangular taxi plate or plaque with the vehicles registration number and also the plate number that is assigned to that taxi in particular

  7. On the inside of the taxi, you will see a taxi metre that calculates the price owed.

  8. A matching secondary taxi plate number should be visible on the inside of the windshield along with a tariff price sheet.

  9. The driver should be displaying his or hers operators licence either on themselves or visible to customers,

  10. NO smoking, eating or drinking sights should be displayed on each passenger window

Aberystwyth Taxi, Half moon

If you suspect somebody operating illegally, call the police immediately as somebody might be in danger.

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