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Customer First: How Luxx Taxis is Making Taxis in Aberystwyth More Transparent and Fair

At Luxx Taxis, we understand the importance of transparency and fairness when it comes to pricing. That's why we've added a simple tariff calculator to our website, allowing customers in Aberystwyth to easily calculate the cost of their journey before they book.

A long time customer and friend of mine mentioned to me how she was forced to pay £20.00 on Tariff 2 to go from Aberystwyth taxi rank to blaenplwyf because she was a bit tipsy after a few drinks with her friends. I was completly shocked as normaly that taxi ride would only cost her between £12 & £13, when i asked her who took her she replied that she couldn't tell because the driver wasn't displaying a taxi badge & did not have any indication of what company he was on the car.

I have spoken to many customers in Aberystwyth who have expressed frustration with other taxi companies and drivers charging exorbitant prices or refusing to use the meter.

At Luxx Taxis, we firmly believe in charging the meter price, as set by the Ceredigion Licencing Department, and we encourage our customers to report any driver or company that does not do so to Ceredigion County Council.

To ensure that our customers are always aware of our pricing, we also display a tariff sheet in every one of our vehicles. This sheet outlines our four tariffs, which are as follows:

  1. Tariff 1 is between 6am and 9pm

  2. Tariff 2 is between 9pm and 12am,

  3. Tariff 3 is between 12am and 6am,

  4. Tariff 4 is reserved for Christmas Day and New Year's Day.

It's important to note that these tariffs only apply to 5 seat taxis and that MPV/minibuses are subject to an extra charge.

At Luxx Taxis, we are committed to providing our customers with safe, reliable, and fair transportation services. We hope that by adding this tariff calculator to our website and by being transparent about our pricing, we can continue to earn the trust and loyalty of our customers in Aberystwyth.

You can test out the calculator tool here

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